How to Tell Better Stories with a Powerful Brand Identity

What is a brand identity? Is it the logo of your company? The colour palette you chose? Infographic styles? It’s all that – and much more!

For most brand experts, brand identity is any outward expression of a brand. This typically includes any communications, its trademark, its overall visual appearance, and perhaps most importantly, its name.

Ultimately, a brand identity is a way for you to communicate with the world by creating a compelling brand story that helps you to differentiate yourself from the competition. This in turn will help to create a brand experience that encourages new people to engage with you.

If you’re looking for a good example of how you can elevate your brand identity to an art form, look no further that world-renowned brands like Levi’s, Apple and LEGO. These stars in the brandsphere succeed because they have a clear idea of who they are and why their brand exists. This means they can easily utilise every aspect of branding available to reinforce their story and make sure consumers understand they exist.

If you’re looking to develop a successful brand, it’s vital that you cultivate a brand identity that accurately depicts the essence of your company and also provides a flexible structure that can evolve with you. Just remember, this won’t happy overnight. Creating a powerful brand identity requires a whole team with high-quality design skills, strong communication, and a deep understanding of your brand.

You’ll be pleased to hear that creating a brand identity can be done well, with phenomenal results – as long as you make the most of guidance available to you. Teams like Pearlfisher are renowned for their creative excellence and ability to cultivate an unforgettable brand identity.

Building a Brand Identity

To help demystify this whole process, we thought it would be useful to create a handy step-by-step guide to building a strong brand identity, focusing on the most important visual elements.

Step 1: Plan Your Brand Strategy

The first stage of building a powerful brand identity involved completing your brand strategy. This strategy should include a detailed plan that outlines exactly what you wish to achieve with your brand, as well as how you are going to achieve it. Both your content strategy and brand identity will help you communicate with your target consumer effectively.

This is why is it important that your strategy is fully fleshed out before you dive into the brand identity process. When completing your strategy, it is important that you have a full understanding of your brand’s tone of voice, core values and any brand messaging.

Step 2: What Makes a Great Brand Identity?

A catchy logo and colour palette is not enough to cultivate a memorable and lasting brand identity in today’s saturated consumer-led market. When it comes to designing your identity, you must create a visual language that is comprehensive and can be applied to everything.

If you’re in doubt during the design process, make sure that your brand identity is:

Memorable: It must make a visual impact.

Distinct: This is a vital step and should not be overlooked. Make sure your brand identity will catch people’s attention.

Cohesive: Each element should complement your chosen brand identity.

Step 3: Research, Research, Research

Before any major brand project, you want to ensure you do your research. While this is often a laborious process, it is crucial when it comes to building a strong branding framework.

Step 4: Build Your Identity

After the research stage you will have collated a huge amount of actionable information. One of the quickest ways to figure out how to communicate and enhance your brand’s ideals is through word clouds. This will help bring your brand story to life.

First and foremost, you will need to keep your brand identity strong. We can all agree that designing a successful brand identity that stands the test of time takes a lot of work – but it is achievable!

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